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We have started our first software projects more than 10 years ago when IoT was still called M2M. In the meantime, names and programming languages have changed but not the core of our business: provide our customers with customized software which is reliable, secure, and easily adaptable to future requirements and technologies.

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SMaBiT Cloud

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Building Automation

Smart Home platform

Cloud-based rule engine

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SMaBiT speaks
many languages

In today’s connected world, multiple language skills are not an optional anymore. Our young and motivated team of software engineers speaks English, German, Spanish, and Italian but, more important, we are fluent in all the relevant languages to make your ideas become reality.

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C# / .net / Java / C++ / ASP / Spring / SQL Server / Linux / Windows / Azure IOT / TI RTOS / SQL / PHP / REST / Protobuf / SignalR / RTSP / WordPress / MySQL / Dynamics / Flutter / Xamarin / Bash / Perl / Angular / NodeJS / Cordova / JS / Typescript / Swift / SQLite / Visual Basic / HTML / CSS / JSON / Odata / InfluxDB / Power FX / G-Code

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